15 Reasons to Start Web Development Business With Us

If someone asks me if starting a web development business is right for them, I say “Yes!” if they’re willing to do the work. Here are 15 reasons why:

1. You Can Start Part-Time

​If you’re in college or you’ve got a day-job, you can start a web development business on the side and build it part-time. While meeting with clients may present some scheduling challenges, you can work through those. The actual web development work can be done in the evenings and on the weekends.

​2. You Don’t Need an Office

​If you need to meet with clients, meet at their office or at a local café. Maintaining an office is expensive and that money can be better spent elsewhere. If a client asks where you are located or seems put off by your lack of an office, simply explain with confidence that you built your business to be mobile and that you’re able to get more done for your clients in less time by not having an office.
The sites will provide you with a opportunity to go through the rich heritage of Indian literature. It also offers a classifieds portion of magazines looking for best writing services. The site’s been in existence for at least 10 years, and authors keep moving back again. It has speculative fiction tools. There are certainly a lot of sites that be seemingly simple games.
Appropriate web sites will probably soon be different dependent on the subject, extent, and purpose of a job. You can even find useful sites that students may possibly visit to practice their usage of understanding strategies with fiction and non-fiction texts at a number of reading degrees. Possessing a web site factored into your online business application is a significant consideration.

​3. You Don’t Need To Learn Code

​If you’re just getting started, don’t waste time learning HTML or CSS. If you already know how to code, put that knowledge aside. The best way to get started is by using a platform. I highly recommend our website builder. Start out by using pre-built themes and plugins. Stay focused on providing results for your clients and keep your learning curve to a minimum. There will be plenty of opportunities to master code down the road – if that is your goal.

​4. Your Schedule Can Be Flexible

​Being the master of your own time is a big reason why you should favor web development. The nature of the work means that you can get it done early in the day or late at night. If you need (or want) to take time off for a few weeks, or even longer, you can arrange the business and communicate with clients to keep things going in your absence. If communication is required, an hour or two checking email or making phone calls on the road can be all it takes.

​5. The Demand in the Market is High

More businesses and organizations than ever before are turning to the web and looking for help to establish or improve their Internet presence. They know they need a website but who to contact to get it done and on time is what they don’t know. See this as an opportunity to get more clients because the targeted market are numerous and they are just around you.
Easily identify those who don’t have a website by;

  • Watching television adverts to detect those who don’t have a website yet and contact them.
  • Listening to radio adverts to detect and contact those advertisers that do not have a website.
  • You can even visit the website of those who mention it in their adverts and see if you can offer them a better design, features and cheaper price than what they have.

​6. The Startup Cost Is Low

Your greatest initial expense is a computer and the one you already have will probably work just fine.
Sacrifice time to master our website builder to become a competent designer, Beyond that you can charge clients more than our pricing. Get your first client and begin investing a portion of your earnings back in our partner program that gives you a complete white labeled platform to start building your brand and render the website development services more professionally.

​7. The Profit Margins Are High and Long Term

The profit potential in web development is enormous. The greatest expense is your time and as your capabilities and processes improve, the amount of time it takes to deliver high value will decrease.
Rendering website development services is like real estate business (Being a house owner and giving it out to rent). Your clients pay you annual renewals to keep their website online! You work once and benefit for life!
See this possibility; in your first year of rendering the website development services, aim at getting just 2 clients every month (you can even get more). Let assume your profit margin on each website you build is $60 and you are able to get 2 clients every month ($120 per month income).
This logically means that; in the coming year, even if you decide not to have anymore clients, you will make $120 per month as your clients pay their annual website renewals. Also, if you added bulk sms service in our partner program, your clients will be buying sms credit from you throughout the year as well. It would be good to add the bulk sms service because the clients who need website are the same people who will most likely be interested in using your bulk sms service to communicate and advertise.

​8. There Is High Demand for Specialists

Web development covers a wide spectrum of skillsets and within that spectrum there is a lot of room for specialists. Even more importantly, the demand for those specialists is high. You can focus your efforts on a niche or on a specific facet of development (e.g. design, mobile development, and engineering). You can also focus on a geographic region, becoming a specialist to serving businesses in a specific area.

​9. Competitors Are Falling Behind

​The web development industry is growing and changing at a mind-numbing pace. This means that your local competitor, the guy who’s been building websites for 5+ years, is probably using old technologies and is in danger of falling behind on industry best practices. This offers you a lot of room to come in, start with a clean slate, and deliver a higher value to your clients – and eventually his.

​10. You Can Scale as You Grow

​When the demand for your services is higher than you can manage, you can bring in a partner, a contractor, or a first employee to manage the load. The flexible nature of the business means you still don’t need to get an office and the speed at which you’ve acquired your skillsets means that you can also quickly train a newcomer to continue providing a high value to your clients. You can also use technology to streamline and automate some of the time-consuming parts of your business, making it easier to scale.

​11. The Timing Is Right

​There has never been a better time to start a web development business. Internet availability and the speed of consumer adoption means that more people than ever before are using the Internet to make decisions. Businesses realize that. For those who’ve held out all these years, they are finally ready to get a website. For those who had a website built early on, they’re ready to make changes and improve.

​12. There Are Giants in the Land

​Since the early days, the amount of experience within the industry has exploded at an exponential rate and more people than ever are sharing what they’ve learned. You can study the successes of web developers who’ve gone before you, not only in general, but also, more than likely, in your specific area of interest. The web development industry as a whole has a great willingness to share and if you can’t find answers by looking, you can ask.

​13. Education Is Readily Available

There are thousands of blogs and websites dedicated to web development. Smashing Magazine, Webdesigner Depot, and Web Design Ledger are three great resources, to name only a few. Add to that, there are hundreds of great books (and ebooks) on specific specialties. You can also make use of online learning to further your education via sites like Learnable, Treehouse, and Codecademy. Or come to UTI let our experts train you.

​14. Web Development Favors the Young

​For those of us under 30 we have a perceptive advantage in this industry over those of the older generation. Web development and new technology is heavily associated with the younger generation and while we can’t sit back (some of those older folks are still very quick to learn!) we can use the perception to our advantage.

​15. Building Websites Opens Doors to New Opportunities

​As you put your best into your work, you’re going to learn about clients and their businesses. Along the way, you may discover opportunities to meet a need that hasn’t yet been met. Keep your eyes and ears open. Many now successful app development companies started out doing web development for clients and, along the way, recognized an opportunity to build a service that now reaches a much wider audience.

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It’s time to get started! Do you have questions? Ask us in the comments below. Have you already started? Tell us how you’re doing and what you’ve learned along the way.

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