This is a feature used to send different messages to different phone numbers, example; Sending Student Exam Report, Sending Student Bills, Sending Bank Account Information, Mention Everyone’s Name in His/Her Message, etc.
First; Let take a look at the steps to follow for sending Student Exam Report;

Sending Student Exam Report is simple and takes some few minutes;
NB: Wait for the system to finish loading anytime you click a button

  1. Enter the phone numbers in the first column of your excel file (column A), followed by the rest of individual’s unique information in the rest of the columns. This should be the layout of your data entry. “Our platform supports the utilization of unlimited columns, a unique feature you might not get elsewhere”.
  1. Save the excel file after entering the data with a save as type; CSV (MS-DOS).
  2. Log in to your account and go to BULK SMS found under SEND SMS and tick the check box that says “Personalise”.
  3. Message type is set to text by default so you proceed to “Choose file” and wait a few seconds to be uploaded, you could choose a different message type like Flash, Unicode, etc if you want to.
  4. Enter your “sender name” (not more than 11 characters). This could be the short abbreviation of your school name; Example: Adisadel College = ADISCO. This will urge the recipients to open and read the message urgently since they will see that the message is coming from the school of their ward.
  5. Now the message body; Notice that the field titles of each column is displayed at the right side of the message box to enable you click to insert the fields when composing your message, this will enclose the field title with a square bracket ” [ field title ] ” when inserted in your message body.
  6. Enter your “Campaign Name” and proceed by clicking on “send”. Notice; that a preview pop up will appear, allowing you to see the final result of the unique messages that will be sent to the recipients, then you Finally click on “Confirm” to deliver your messages to the recipients.

See steps in the screenshots below; click to view full;


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