Critical System Update- Secure your SuperSite with an SSL certificate today!

In the process of making our platform PCI compliant and adapting to latest security norms, we have taken some steps to make our system more secure and stable. One of these measures include securing our SuperSite and PartnerSite infrastructure with encryption using SSL.

What is required to secure the SuperSite

To achieve this, the first essential step needs to be executed from your end. You will need to ensure that your Branded SuperSite/PartnerSite/Customer Control Panel URL is secured via an SSL.

Why get an SSL

Here is the difference between a secured and an unsecured website:

It is recommended that any website that collects personal and/or payment information use SSL to enhance credibility & security. In October 2017, Google Chrome started marking pages on http as not secure, refer to this link for details.

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What changes on our platform

On February 15th we will redirect all unsecure Fully branded SuperSite, PartnerSite and Control Panel URLs to their corresponding Partially branded URLs.

 What you need to do

We recommend that you setup an SSL certificate for your SuperSite, to ensure that your Branding remains intact. You can simply purchase your SSL through your Control Panel or manage your free SSL certificate externally. This will protect your customers from phishing, prevent data theft and ensure secure transactions on your website.
If you have already setup an SSL for all your Branded URLs, you can ignore this update.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any update or need.

The Ushmid Team

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