USHMID TECHNOLOGIES Gives millions of people a surprisingly easy and affordable way to create a website that is as unique as they are. With our website builder, you can build websites with little or no programming skill, and send information or advertise directly to your target using our Bulk SMS Platform. As well as make money by joining our Webservices Career Network.


To Raise Professional Standards, Enhance Development and Job Creation through Technology.


To train and equip the youth all over the world, especially in Ghana and Africa to work for themselves and to establish their brand on the technological scene through our Webservices Career Network, so that Businesses, Companies, Organizations, Schools, Churches, Hotels etc. in Ghana and Africa will have websites and online presence.


  1. To reduce Unemployment by training and empowering the youth on a career path with the requisite skills, Platforms, Utilities and Tools to help them build their own brand on the Technological Scene.

  2. To collaborate with ICT Training institutions (Technical Universities and Polytechnics) to introduce them to the platforms and utilities we have developed as well as sign them up to our Career Network to enable the students start working for themselves even at school or after school since most ICT Training institutions do not have platforms to provide practical training and also have no avenues to employ the students after training them because they do not have platforms or programs to equip them.

  3. To distribute our Interactive and Practical ICT Training Program to Schools and Colleges that have ICT labs, in order to enhance the teaching and learning of ICT in a way that the students can even learn on their own with little or no supervision.

  4.  To set up a Webservices Career Network Academy or Training Center, where we could train more people and have them work for themselves through our Webservices Career Network.